Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Whoops times two!

One the few evenings we have been relaxed in front of the to I have been doing some appliqué to keep me sane at this time of year.  A new baby, called Ivy Winter, has arrived in the family, so I searched in my stash for quilt inspiration.  I found a Baltimore panel of eight squares which was dated 2003, and seemed just right if I could make another block to make up into a 9 - patch. 

I used ivy as my theme, and was quite pleased with it until I assembled the blocks on my design wall, to find that the new block stuck out like a sore thumb as it was white!  Whoops! 
Never mind, I decided to tea dye it, to tone it down a bit. 

Oh no!  Too much tea and the block still stands out like a sore thumb because it's too beige!  Whoops again!  I quickly dunked it in some biological washing powder, hoping that would take some of the tea away. 

Result!  Not quite the right colour, but pale enough now not to poke you in the eye! Phew!  Now to decide where to go from here.  To sash or not to sash, that is the question! 

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Jocelyn Thurston said...

You've got 9 absolutely gorgeous blocks here. I love them all and what a sweet gift this will be for a 'winter' baby. Happy Stitching in 2017!