Saturday, 15 April 2017

Quilting 'Happy Days'

i have layered up my Sarah Fielke 2016 BOM and have been quilting the main part. I decided to do an all over design rather than quilt each block separately, a decision which I have slightly regretted.  I chose a stylised flower motif, and all went well to start with, but I have a tendency to move the fabric too quickly, which results in some long stitches and iffy shapes.

You can see the shapes here.  But I was too far along to undo it all, so pressed on. 

Here is the main part done.  And done is done.  I wasn't going to enter it into any competitions, and I think it looks fine.  I'm having a breather before tackling the border.  I intend to do feathers there, but need to get some appropriate thread for that.  

Meanwhile, I've pulled out these improv Rocky Road to Kansas blocks and started putting them together.  If you like gaudy, this will be the quilt for you! 

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