Wednesday, 5 April 2017


I saw a new book advertised as being 'stash-busting' and thought, 'that's just what I need!'  Something to literally bust a hole in my stash!  Fabulous!  I had a look at it, and nearly called Trading Standards to complain about misrepresentation.  The quilts were just lovely quilts, with motifs made in different colours.  So, flowers, not all cut from the same fabric, but all different ones.  The instructions list read, 3metres of background, 1 metre of border one, half a metre of border two, and fat eight of lots of different colours etc.  That's hardly going to bust a hole in anybody's stash, let alone mine!  Plus, I'd have to go out and buy the yardage, so would have to buy more new fabric than came out of my stash!  Take this quilt. 

Now, this could be described as stash-busting.  Apart from the white and the blue border, it's all made from scraps from my stash.  The piano keys border came straight out of my 2" strip box.  And here is my 2" strip box now. 

I can get the lid on a bit easier, but it's still stuffed!  The only quilts which are stash-busting are the ones designed by Bonnie Hunter.  After making one of her mysteries, I find my purple bin (for example) is only half full or I have run out of light 2" strips and have to get more.  Otherwise, any book which calls itself 'stash-busting' is a sham, and should be put straight back on the shelf! 

Steps off soapbox to show completed Stars in a Timewarp quilt.  I think the outer border should have been a bit wider, but at least it's a finish! 

And here is my hearts MAM.  The turquoise border pulls your eye to the hearts very nicely, I think.  Another good one for Linus. 

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Ellen Thompson said...

I agree with you! I've given up on books promising new and improved; just use my eyes and make lovely quilts.