Saturday, 1 April 2017

UFOs - begone!

Despite hardly being in the country for the month of February, I'm doing very well with my UFO challenge.  Once the binding is sewn down, I'll have five UFOs completed! 

Here is my Stars in a Timewarp quilt just ready for a bit of restful hand sewing.  There should have been leaves as well as flowers on the vine, but I didn't feel they added anything, so left them out. 
My Down the Rabbithole is coming on too. 

All the flowers are done, and I need to get on with the leaves.  I'm thinking of cutting them all from the same fabric for a change, as I think it might add a bit of calmness to it.  We'll see. 
The next UFO is spiders webs.  This is a cheat really, as I hadn't actually started it, but had always wanted to.  I'm hoping it'll make a dent in the strings! 

Looking great so far.  I might add another row or not.  Ill definitely make more quilts like this, as they are such fun. 

The MAM is waiting for the last row to be added, then a turquoise border to pull it all together.  That's for another day! 

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Ellen Thompson said...

I made a spiderweb last year; it was fun and looks great!