Friday, 24 October 2008


I knew I couldn't resist making a few Morsbags. I'm a passionate anti-plasticbagger, and always take my own bags for the weekly shop, so this is a natural extension. There are three good reasons for making a Morsbag.
1. You're helping the environment and wildlife by ensuring that there are fewer plastic carrier bags to dispose of.
2. You can use up fabric which has been hanging around for a long while.
3. They make up so quickly, that it's an easy way to feel virtuous!
NB On the website, she says they take about 20 minutes, well she must have a very speedy sewing machine, is all I can say! I made these in about 30 minutes, which isn't bad at all.

This one is actually the wrong way round (it should be deeper, not wider) but was a way of using up this lovely Alaskan fabric which I haven't been able to cut into.

This one uses up most of some frog fabric which DD dyed pink, and then didn't like.

This one is from an old Clothkits skirt (anyone out there remember Clothkits?) which I cut up for the fabric.And this one is some fabric which was such a bargain, I couldn't resist buying lots of it, and still have most of it left!

I'm going to take them down to Brighton when we go next week to visit DD and give them to her housemates - I'm not quite up to the guerrilla bagging yet!


Karol-Ann said...

Very cute! I particularily like the first one because I like them wider rather than deeper... I must stop using plastic bags, but I keep giving my (BQL) bags away!

Ginger_Curls said...

Lovely bags, and a brilliant idea. I've downloaded the tutorial.

I really like your ballerinas from the last post as well, very cute.

black bear cabin said...

what a great way to use up old fabric...and they are cute too!

janet said...

Love the bags - making them is definitely on my 'to do' list!
Have you seen how much Clothkits stuff goes for on ebay??? My Mum was a big fan!