Saturday, 18 October 2008

One fnished and 1002 to go!

Well, I'm exaggerating slightly on the numbers of quilts I have yet to finish, but it certainly feels like a lot!

I have actually finished my jars quilt for Project Linus. Most of the jars were donated by Karol-Ann, but I made a few more myself to bulk the numbers up. I have been rooting round in my stash for other fabrics with designs which would be suitable to keep in jars, so I can make some kits up for Linus. It's not so easy to find suitable motifs.

My Turning 20 quilt is now a top, and I have the backing and wadding all ready to turn this top into a quilt - all I need is the time! (I decided to extend it at the sides slightly to make it a bit wider. I just put multicoloured strips together. I didn't want a border the whole way round, as I felt it was long enough already!)

Other UFOs are waiting in the wings - such as this Mile a Minute for a colleague's son. He's a football fan and supports Coventry, who are called the Sky Blues, so it had to be bordered with pale blue!

I still haven't got the Old Quilt finished. I think it's the size which is making me reluctant to tackle it, plus the boring quilting motifs. I prefer to do something a bit more exciting than hourglasses!

I'm also making another baby quilt for a little one due to appear in November! I must get this bordered and finished if I'm to be in time for its arrival.

And of course, there are always extra bits and pieces on hand. Some lovely ballerina fabric was donated to Linus, but there wasn't enough of it to do anything with. I fussy cut the ballerinas out, and have started to make them into Mile a Minute blocks. Seemed like a good idea at the time!

And to add to all this, I've just downloaded the pattern for morsbags, to start my life as a guerilla! So much fabric, so little time!


loulee1 said...

Well you're all go!!
Love the Turning Blue! Very flash. Are you still on target, it was six hours wasn't it?

Sew Create It - Jane said...'ve been those ballet dancers..some little girl will think they are fab!

black bear cabin said...

wow...looks like youll be hunkered down in the quilting room for a while! how do you do it!?! :)
the jar quilt turned out cute, but i LOVE the colors in that turning 20 quilt! its gorgeous!
hope you still save time to belly dance :)

Karol-Ann said...

I know yiou wanted bugs, but I think I still have spare food bits (fabric of course!).
Love the blues for your son. So many lovely quilts in this post! Wish I had more time too!!!!!

Helen in the UK said...

Gosh you've been busy, busy!! Love the jar quilt ... have some fabric pieces to make one myself (for PL), but haven't gotten round to it yet. The ballerina's are so cute, great way to use up a little focus fabric. The Turning 20 looks wonderful too :)