Friday, 10 October 2008

A present and a bargain

No time for sewing over the last couple of days as I've been working, then over to see my parents and taken them to see DS in Leeds. While I was at work I checked my pigeon hole and was intrigued to see a magazine in there. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was not only a quilting magazine, but one I had never heard of before!

It's 'Irish Quilt and Craft Magazine'. Apparently, one of my work colleagues's sister is a big friend of Gaye Grant, the editor of this publication. Gaye gave her friend a copy of the magazine, and strange as this may seem, the friend is not a quilter! Difficult to believe, I know! So the friend really had only moderate interest in the mag, at which the sister said she knew someone who would appreciate it, and that someone was me! You're absolutely right, Anne, I love it! One really interesting feature is a Shop Hop Map of Ireland, with quilt shops marked on it. Ideal for anyone planning a holiday in the Emerald Isle.

Near my parents' house, in the village of Tibshelf, is a fabric shop which has lots of bargains. They're mostly of the polycotton or synthetic variety, but while I was visiting the old folks, I had a rummage there. I ended up buying ribbon, just £1's worth. Here it is.

The ribbon is in big bins, sorted by colour, and you get a carrier bag and a pair of scissors, pull a piece of ribbon out of a bin, and cut it off when you have enough! I couldn't resist getting all this, and was delighted at the price. What am I going to do with it? Not sure yet, but to start with, I'm going to stroke it and sort it into piles - that's enough to be going on with, isn't it?!

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