Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Quick quilt

While I was at the area day last week, Ferret showed a quilt which had taken her 6 hours to make, including the cutting! It was a double bed quilt and absolutely gorgeous. It was from the book 'Turning 20' and really caught a few people's eyes, as she sold a lot of copies of the pattern. DS had recently requested a quilt for his new pad in Leeds - he's got a few quilts, but no doubles, and nothing suitable for a young man about town! He decided that blue would be good, but didn't want any cream in it, as he has eczema, and often gets blood on his bedding. I have been collecting blue batiks for this quilt, and decided to use this pattern to make it.

I decided to time myself with this one and here is the one hour fifteen minutes progress. (Unfortunately I forgot to time myself cutting, but I don't think it was an hour.) I'm hoping to have a bit of sewing time tonight as DH is away on business, so watch the progress!


Paula said...

If you like Turning Twenty, look at Turning Twenty Again and Turning Twenty Around the Block. They are all cute quilts.

Fiona said...

I'm intrigued - sounds like my kind of quilt - does the six hours include the quilting?

loulee1 said...

LOL What Paula said! I have all three books, some great ideas in there.
I love the blues.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I've heard the term turning twenty, but haven't a clue what the pattern is or the method is...look forward to hearing all about it when I see you next.

Ferret said...

This one is Turning Twenty again. I would guess the cutting took somewhere up to an hour? That seems to be about usual. You're well on your way to having the blocks done. Don't forget you can put the blocks together in different ways.

No the 6 hours doesn't include the quilting. From cutting to having a show ready quilt was 12 hours for one of them. Though that was a turning thirty, we used 30 fat quarters to make 30 blocks.

Glad to see it is going well though. I do have the other books for sale if you want them.

Helen in the UK said...

We had Ferret talk at our Guild and I bought the Turning 20 Again pattern because of the wonderful examples she showed. Recently completed a king size duvet cover using all Thimbleberries. It really is QUICK and EASY :)