Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Three hours of Turning 20

DD's room has now got white paintwork, instead of the dingy cream doors and skirting boards which had discoloured over the years! They'll look even better when I've managed to put a white gloss coaton top. That's a job for another day, though.
This evening, I spent another hour on my Turning 20 quilt. Here are the completed blocks,

and the components waiting to be joined.
I'm quite pleased with it, although I hadn't realised there was quite so much turquoise in it. I will quilt it with a darkish blue, which will tone it down a bit.


Paula said...

It's really looking nice. You're doing a great job.

black bear cabin said...

i love those colors....very cheery!

hetty said...

Nice quilt! I love the turquoise! Glad I found your blog. Now I will go back and peruse it some more.

loulee1 said...

Looks like you're on track to complete it in the six hours.

Ferret said...

It's funny how the colours work out isn't it. I think I said that the red and black quilt I showed was supposed to be black and white with a little red. No one believes me when they see it.

It's great being able to watch this come together, and it does indeed look like you will make the 6 hour target.

Sarah Jayne said...

I'm sorry I missed you at the regional day. I'm very inspired by your truning 20 quilt blocks. I just seem to have too many things on the go at the mo. But I would love to make one.