Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Failed (and succeeded!)

I set myself a challenge to finish five of the current projects I'm working on by the end of February, and have failed dismally! I'm not unduly upset, as I always think it's good to set up a challenge - I wouldn't have got any of them done if I hadn't!
So what did I achieve?

Two Mile a Minute Linus quilts completed. (One only needed the binding slip stitching, but never mind, it's a finish!)

One top completed, layered and mostly quilted. I'm aiming to buy some dark purple thread today to quilt the border, so it'll be done soon.

One hexagon top completed and ready to layer. The backing and waddng are ready and waiting.
As to the rest of the projects, they're all still as they were. So, it's just two out of five for me. Not a wonderful score, but better than nought!

And the success? I've found a loving home for the rest of the hexagons! I have decided to send them to Kathie over at Inspired by Antique Quilts, as I'm sure she will be able to appreciate their charm, and have the fabrics to compliment them. If you send me your snailmail, Kathie, I'll be delighted to get rid of them - sorry, speed them on their way!


Kathie said...

oh thats so exciting , thank you!!!!
love the two mile a minute quilts, they will be loved and treasured.
I think you did a great job with your finishes, they will all be done soon

Susan said...

Your accomplishments seem quite acceptable. Perhaps your goal was a bit over the top. But the finishes you have are lovely.

Contented Caroline said...

Well done Lynda - I think you're wise not to get too upset, two finishes is a great start to the year (you're already one up on me!!!) I'm loving the quilting - especially those lines on the green border.

Shasta said...

You've made great progress on your challenge, and look at it this way, you saved yourself something to do for the March challenge.

Janet said...

Linus quilts are so cute. Setting goals are great but its the fun of quilting that makes us happy. Enjoy every project and every finish!

pauline said...

Fantastic result ,Lynda, you are very patient and extremely creative

Sew Create It - Jane said...

You are doing better than me...I have yet to get either of my Linus tops quilted... :o)