Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cutting, cutting, cutting

I have been doing more 'spreading of the word' in that our local group, Piecemakers, have been teaching some patchwork sessions in another local primary school.  (Many thanks to Waitrose who supplied the funds, and my lovely volunteers who have given up their time so willingly!)  This is the block we have made, and the children can either make it into a cushion or a bag.  We have just 2 hours to complete this project, and everyone has a sewing machine and 2 eager pupils. 
We didn't want to risk letting them loose with rotary cutters, so the parts are all cut out ready for the sessions.  Tomorrow we will have 14 pupils (to add to the 13 we've already had and another similarly sized group next week) and it makes a lot of preparation!  Luckily Paula and I (well, mainly Paula!) cut the star and background fabrics yesterday, and I have spent this afternoon cutting the cushion backs and bag linings.  It doesn't look that impressive, but I can tell you that's a piece of work! 

And for me, I've finally finished this little dumpling bag made from a free design by Keyka Lou Patterns.  I got the zip in successfully, and then gaily pulled the fastener off it!  It lay abandoned for a while, and then Liz showed me a clever trick to put the fastener back on.  Just trim the teeth away from both sides of the zip at one end, and hey presto! the fastener just slides back on! (Well it worked for her!)

Here's the inside of the bag.  Nifty, eh? 


Andrea said...

Great for those children - I would have loved someone to have come to teach patchwork when I was at school. And I shouldn't laugh but I bet your face was a picture when you pulled the tab off that zip ;-) xx

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Glad you got your dumpling bag all zipped up! Looks fab!!