Saturday, 22 June 2013

Lazy Sunday

Is there anyone out there who is making Bonnie Hunter's 'Lazy Sunday' as featured in 'Quiltmaker'?  I suupose if they are, they're already up to date!  Well, I'm still sewing up the second installment, and thought there may be some people out there who would like an easier way of making Units 11 and 12.  They look like this (although Unit 12 has a green triangle!)
Bonnie makes them by cutting 2" squares, little bitty triangles and then bigger triangles.  I used this method for 'Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll' and found it rather tedious.  So this is how I did mine.  First cut some pink 2" strips and neutral strips 2"x 2 3/4".  (It would have been even easier to cut 2" strips and 2 3/4" strips but that wouldn't have given so much variety, or used up scraps from my 2" bins!)  Then I joined the neutral strips to the pink strip.

Pressed the seam open and cut the units apart.

Then I joined two units opposite way round.

Now the tricky bit.  If you have an Easy Angle ruler, you can just turn the unit over, line up the ruler with theedge of the unit and cut the unit into two triangles.  If you don't have the ruler, you have to leave 1/4" seam allowance at each end of the unit, and cut it so you have a flat end to each triangle. 

Then make your large triangles.  Bonnie says to cut them from a 3 7/8" square, but I always like to err on the generous side and use a 4" square.  Cut the square in half diagonally. 

Then join the pieced and plain triangles along the long side.  If you sew with the pieced triangle on top, you can make sure that you sew just shy of the corner of the square, so preserving your seam allowance.

Then prees open, and trim if necessary.  Done!

Only 95 more to make!

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