Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Why did I ask?

Last week I went to meet Judy and pass on some Project Linus quilts for her to distribute to children in therapeutic foster care.  Have a look here at her story - and I defy you not to be moved!  She met me with her lovely teenaged daughter and two delightful foster children.  It was lovely to meet tham all.  When I got home, I suddenly realised that while they went home with a boot full of quilts, there wasn't one for Judy's daughter, which didn't quite seem fair.  So, I emailed Judy to see if she thought a quilt would be welcomed and whether there were any colours or anything which might go down well.  Judy said teal was a favourite colour, and horses an abiding passion.  Teal?  I'm impressed that a teenager can identify teal, but how can I find a fabric with teal and horses!  I had a look in my UFOs drawer, and found this turquoise and purple top I had made ages ago.
I'd actually backed it, intending it as a tablecloth, but it had never been used.  With some nice feather quilting this would be appropriate.  And then I remembered some horse fabric which would be good for backing.

I don't think there is enough, but I can piece it.  Should fit the bill, I think!

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

I'm amazed at your ability to find things in your stash that are made to measure! I'm sure she is going to love it!!