Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hot topic

We have just had another very successful session sewing with primary school children.  They all worked hard and were delighted with their cushions and bags.  One mum said she had had a tear in her eye as she saw the beautiful cushion her son (with special needs) had made himself!  That makes it all worth it.  I've got used to packing all the things needed for a workshop, but the packing up is always a little more problematic, as there is usually a hot iron to transport.  While shopping in the supermarket I suddenly saw those metallic-faced ironing board covers and had a eureka moment.
What about a bag with a metallic lining?
Here is my iron bag.  My collection of novelty fabrics had a suitable outer fabric, and the ironing board cover makes a great lining.

Here is the iron safely inside.

And the asymmetrical handles mean it's safely enclosed.  I don't think I'd put a freshly unplugged iron in there, but at least it must be a better way of bringing an iron home than in its cardboard box!


Ali H said...

Great idea ! Hope it makes the trip home a little less prone to burns ! Ali x

Anonymous said...

The short strap idea is brilliant for Sooooo many things. Great idea all around.

loulee said...

Brilliant idea.

Liz said...

Fab X

Sew Create It - Jane said...

What a stoke of genius! That's a great idea!!