Sunday, 13 April 2008

A day in the life

Today I have had a lovely relaxed time. DH is away on business (in Beijing, actually) and having spent the weekend being Front of House Manager for the local drama group's production, felt in the need of some 'me' time.

I didn't get up too early (last night party and all that!) and then pottered around before I showered and went out to get the paper. A nice cup of tea with the magazine and then I felt that I needed to tidy up downstairs and run round with the cleaner. It's amazing what a bit of hoovering, clearing up and plumping of cushions will do for a room!

After lunch, I decided to devote the afternoon to quilting. (What a surprise!)

I started by layering up my orphan quilt, and starting to machine quilt it. I have decided to give it to my new grandniece. Like the quilt, she was unplanned, but turned out good.

I have decided to just quilt it in the ditch, and got on well with it. However, as is par for the course, I had soon had enough of it and decided to join together the last two rows of my latest Chaos Crumb quilt.

This is in pastels, which has been a hard road for me, as the brights usually call to me. Still, I'm quite pleased with this, although I am going to have to go out and buy border fabric, as I don't have pastel yardage at all. I need to audition some fabrics for this. Since this will be a cot quilt for DD's friend Claire, who doesn't yet know the sex of her baby, I think either green or yellow will be good border colours. I'll make some decisions at a later date.

Next I decided to continue with my quilt for Tonya's Summer School. This is a double whammy, as I am also doing an entrant for the Bramble Patch's Strawberries and Cream Exhibition, and decided to combine the two. The Bramble Patch Challenge gives you a piece of pink fabric (for free so who could refuse?) and you have to make something for their summer exhibition, which raises funds for cancer charities. Tonya's theme is 'Repetition', so I decided to repeat the word 'LOVE' in various shades of pink, including the challenge fabric.

I haven't exactly decided the arrangement, but will keep making pink LOVEs until I think I'm ready to join them together.

Now I'm off to watch Doctor Who while I do a spot of ironing, then a glass of beer and bed.

A good day. Hope yours was too.


Fiona said...

Chaos crumb looks good in pastels - know what you mean about colour comfort zone.

loulee1 said...

Loving the pastel chaos crumbs.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

three fun quilts. still madly in love with that orphan quilt - wonderful baby quilt. oooh, I'd have a hard time with those pastels too, but it looks lovely and soft. great to see the progress on your love quilt - it's looking better and better with more love.

blackbearcabin said... were busy! And still had time to clean a bit, enjoy tea, and an evening beer with Dr Who...a fabulous night indeed! Your quilts are lovely, but i REALLY love that orphan quilt! Totally CUTE!

p.s. is the hubby bringing you any goodies back from China? :)

anne bebbington said...

The crumb quilt looks beautiful in the pastel fabrics - I'd say lemon inner slim border, pale green or turquoise wider outer border and bind in peach - covered it all that way :o)

DD said...

I have to add my threepence here - when I went into the sewing room to ask about something, I was greeted with the words "Don't interupt your mother when she's making love!". I HOPE she was referring to the Repetition quilt...

I think that's bought me another year in therapy. *rolls eyes*