Sunday, 6 April 2008

Purple patch

Since we came back from our holiday, I have managed to finish Mic's purple quilt. I wanted it ready for DS to take when he went to see 'High School Musical' (which Mic was stage managing) at the DeMontford Hall in Leicester. It was a bit of a rush, but I made it.

Here is DS holding it up for me to photo. I knew his long arms would come in for something useful one day! This is the first quilt I wish I had quilted more. I usually finish the quilting quickly - it's only to hold the layers together - and move on to more piecing, but this time, I had quilting plans which I never had the chance to fulfill.

In each of the centre squares I quilted a motif. This one looks really rubbish - it's because it's the only one clearly visible - the others were much more impressive. Honest!

I also quilted the same motif (a little smaller) in the centre of each border. These look better because they're less distinct!I really wanted to quilt feathers along the final borders, but there wasn't time, so I did feathers in each of the corners, which worked quite well, I feel. It was while marking the stems for the feathers that I really got very annoyed. I have a white marking pencil, which I had carefully resharpened (with a kitchen knife, as it's too big to go in my pencil sharpener) which was great for marking the first stem, but then seemed to make no marks at all after that. Pencil didn't show up, so I racked my brains to think of something easier. Suddenly I remembered that DD had some tailor's chalk, and when she had unearthed it, found it was perfect for the job. (You can still see the marks, but it's only chalk, and will quickly rub out.)

So it's out with the new and in with the old. After years of trying various marking devices (including the infamous turquoise water-soluble pen - remember that?) I have decided to throw them all away and just keep my trusty pencil and a piece of tailor's chalk. Do you think I need to buy one for myself, or will DD notice I've still got hers?!


Diana said...

I have fallen in love with this quilt pattern! Yours is beautiful--love those blues and purples.

loulee1 said...

Well I think your quilting looks great.
My sister also has / had issues with how to mark quilting lines, she has spent a small fortune looking for the right thing.

Exuberant Color said...

Yes marking is a problem. I usually try to come up with something I can do without marking. The quilt is beautiful, both pattern and colors.

janet said...

What a lovely quilt - I am sure Mic will love it!
I have inherited some very old tailor's chalk from my friend's mother - it certainly marks quilting lines better than any of the new fangled markers.

andsewitis Holly said...

I love this quilt! It's beautiful. Thanks for your musings on what to mark with. I need to get some tailor's chalk now. I also took a peek at Tonya's summer class and saw your Love quilt there. Adorable.