Saturday, 26 April 2008


I had a lovely day yesterday. First the postman came with a lovely squishy envelope for me. I had entered Karol-Ann's draw for some gorgeous African fabrics, and was disappointed to find that I hadn't won. Never mind. But then I was intrigued when she contacted me for my address. Apparently she had some fabric left over and has sent me these fabulous giraffes! Aren't they cute?

Next DD and I went to the Bramble Patch to buy some border fabric for three quilts. Since I am a scrap quilter, I usually have enough fabric to make a quilt, more or less, but don't have the yardage I need for borders. I like going the the Bramble Patch, because they have such a good selection of fabrics, there is plenty of parking and the ladies are all so helpful and pleasant. There are usually classes going on there too, and you can peep in and see some fabulous work.

As I paid for my fabric (I was very good, and only bought what I had come for) the asistant handed me a free bag kit, with pattern and fabric!

It's a really sturdy bag made from Osnaburg, and I think I might line it to make it even stronger. Two gifts in one day! Do all good things come in threes? Watch this space!

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Karol-Ann said...

Ha ha! So pleased you got giraffes, because I sent you ZEBRA's!! LOL