Wednesday, 30 April 2008

One finished, ninety nine to go!

Well, I haven't actually got 99 UFOs, although sometimes it seems like it! I never worry about getting inspired to start something new when I'm already in the middle of something else, in fact, as I've discovered, my attention span is so short, I wouldn't be able to finish anything if I didn't bit and bob!Here is my orphan quilt finished. It's even got its label on, all ready to snail its way to my great-niece Isabella in Herne Bay, by the sea. I think the bright pink border just lifts it, and I'm sure she will like it to snuggle under at grandma's.

Several of my work colleagues are becoming grandmas at the moment, so I thought I would make quilts for the new arrivals. I wanted something quick and easy, and decided this very simple block would be perfect for the first one. (This baby's due on 10th May, so it needed to be a quick pattern!) Jane showed me a clever way of making these blocks using strip piecing, but with my poor spatial awareness, it was too difficult for me, and I resorted to the tried and true template method! It's been difficult enough working with pastels, without the added pressure of rotating and moving things around!

Here is the layered quilt, partly quilted. When I had joined the blocks together, I was disappointed with it, as I felt the mix of patterns and solids didn't work too well. however, once it was bordered and I had started the quilting, I started to like it. I think it will be bound in the same blue as the narrow border, just to define the edge.

Just a bit more quilting on this and it'll be ready to welcome the new arrival.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh Lynda...I either have to lend you a book or do a tutorial for that block. The quilt is beautiful! Very well executed!

BrendaS said...

I was just trying to do that block yesterday without cutting templates. what's the strip cutting way? do you have a link?
I'm at

Andrea said...

Both great quilts. I always do simple baby quilts - quite often 9-patches. Unlike you I love pastels - I never want to give them away - lol.

blackbearcabin said...

Another beautiful quilt! Im not a pastels person either, but you sure made them work together nicely :)
And quick too!
The ladies at work are sure to appreciate the wonderful quilts you are making!