Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I have managed to finish the scrappy top I made from a bag of Andrea's leftovers. (It's my Easter holiday, so I've had a bit more sewing time!)

I'm really pleased with it! Nearly all the fabric was what Andrea was going to throw away, except for the borders, where I had to add some calico from my stash. I still have plenty of fabric left for the binding, and another quilt! The pattern was from one shown on Jacquie's blog although hers is more controlled. She has a tutorial on her blog, but here are the instructions and measurments for mine.

First sew random strips together. You can join strips or add pieces of cut up blocks to make the length. Cut them into 4.5" squares.

Arrange the blocks into a four patch, with the stripes going in alternate directions. (I've mixed the patches up a bit, to get some variety.)

Cut two 4.5" squares from cream fabric, draw in (or iron) the diagonal. Put a pin on the bottom triangle, to mark the piece you will cut off. Sew along the marked line, and then again, about 0.5" away from the line on the pinned piece. Cut between the two sewing lines and press open. You will have two half square triangles. The bigger one is needed for the block, and the smaller one is a bonus! Cut four 2" triangles, mark the diagonal as before and place in the top corners of the two top blocks. Sew along the diagonal lines. Trim the outer corners. Open and press.

Sew the pieces together as a four patch. Hey presto!

And for every block, you get two free scrappy half square triangles! Now what shall I do with those?!


Kathie said...

great way to use up some of our strips/stash!
great quilt!

you can make a little doll quilt with the left over hst:)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Absolutely superb! I love it!

sewkalico said...

LOVE this! It's superb!!

Contented Caroline said...

That's adorable - love it - might have to have a go myself.

Anonymous said...

I love it, I have a HUGE box of scraps - now I have something worthwhile to make with them. Keep on sewing and blogging Linda, I love.
Sheila (Florida)

black bear cabin said...

i just love this idea...so simple and soooo pretty! what a great way to use up those scraps!!! thanks for sharing!!!
p.s. who gets to keep the quilt? :)

Shirley said...

Hi Lynda,
I found you via Jane at sew create it. I found your post on the hexagons very interesting. I have bought a bag of hexagons this week and they look identical to the ones you have. I expect I may be heartily sick of them by the end of stitching them together but I have vowed to do it. I like the way you have been using up all those leftovers. Amazing what you can do with a bit of thought. After all it is patchwork. The clue is in the word. Will tune in again. I am in Taunton but from the Potteries.
Best wishes