Sunday, 28 March 2010

Two finishes

Hooray! I have completely finished the hexagon quilt which had been driving me crazy with boredom. I can't abide waste, and wanted to make up some of these rosettes for Project Linus. I've decided never again to do hexagons and managed to find the rest of them a good home with Kathie (I'm so glad she wanted them!).

Here is the completed quilt, looking quite sweet and fresh.

And I've also finished the stitchery from Caroline's blog. Once I had looked properly at the pattern, I realsied that she had clothes on, after all! Caroline will be posting another block soon, so make sure you check it out.
So, on to the next project. Andrea shocked me by saying she had a lot of scraps which she was going to throw away! I immediately volunteered to have them for Linus, and she gave me a carrier bag full of bits. Other people's scraps are always so enticing, don't you think? I'm part way through making something from them, so wait and see!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Love your hexagon pretty.

Glad to hear Andrea gave you her scraps..I bet you will make something splendid with them!

Anonymous said...

such a pretty little hexagon quilt....i understand your not wanting to make another though. i feel the same way about "necktie" quilts..after one there is no way that i shall ever make another.