Thursday, 26 January 2012

Camelot the Panto

I have been working hard on assembling the costumes for 'Camelot - the Panto'. I volunteered to do the job to help out our good friend Dawn, without considering the fact that it was a cast of thirty, with some people having two, three or five different costumes! I haven't had to make them all as we have a costume store which has had some items in it, but I've had to make more than I wanted to! (Obviously, I'd rather have been quilting!)

On the far right are the maidens (costumes from the store with added head dresses).
On the right is DD as Morgan Le Fay, Arthur's evil sister, with costume from store with added sleeves and belt.

Here is Igraine, Arthur's mother, with costume from the store, retrimmed, with added sleeves, belt and head dress.

Now for some of the men. Three Black Knights, with dyed tunics and made hoods. (Richard forgot his belt that day!)
Merlin, in a costume from the store and made scabbard for his i-wand.

On the right are the baddies - The Black Wurst and his sidekick Frank Furter, with made costumes. (When I showed the director the costumes, which have the German eagle appliqued on them, he said, 'Oh, I thought crossed sausages would have been good.' I managed to refrain from hitting him, just saying that appliqued brown sausages would have been hard to make realistic, and there was a danger of them looking like something very unsavoury. He had the good grace to agree!)

And here are some more knights, with a mixture of costumes left over from Robin Hood and some made by me. I'll post some more pictures after the final two performances today. Oh, no she won't! Oh yes I will!

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

You've done a fab job! Hope the shows all go well.