Monday, 2 January 2012

It's number 5!

Judy has just announced the number of this month's UFO to be completed, and it's number 5! (Good job it's not number 3 the Twelve Days of Christmas, because I can't just lay my hand on that at the moment!)
I made these blocks in 2003 (gulp) as it was a series in 'Quiltmaker magazine. It was supposed to make a perpetual calendar, but I decided to make the blocks up into a quilt. (That's a joke!) Several of the blocks were rather American (especially July and November) so I changed July from a patriotic motif into flowers, and November's turkey into fireworks. I did make them up into a top, but hated it so much that I undid it!

As you can see, recently I had another look at the blocks and decided the frames were too big. Some have been resized, which is probably a good thing. Now, it's on with my thinking cap to work out how to put them together in a way that isn't a 3x4 setting. Any ideas out there?


Liz said...

How about putting them on point either with or without more sashing, cream triangles down the sides and any colour border/s you like to bring it all together.
I look forward to seeing the completed quilt at Rocheberrie
OK ;-)

Anonymous said...

an a-symetrical quilt , 2 rows of a solid and 3 rows of 4 squares? or if small 4 row of solid? room for applique?
Bonnie , VA

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Pretty blocks! I quite like Liz's suggestion... I'm a lot of help aren't I?!