Sunday, 29 January 2012

Panto, a laugh and a salutory warning

Panto is now finished, and while it was very enjoyable, I can't say I'm not glad to be getting on with the old routine. Here is a photo of nearly all of the cast so you can see how many costumes were needed. (The lady in the front left was the dragon, and didn't need to be dressed till after the interval and Jess was in the changing room, probably plugged into her DS or whatever, and didn't hear the call!) The show was very well received, and most people's highlights were when Kalifa got splatted by eagle poo (porridge) and DD and Russ's song 'Be Prepared' from 'The Lion King'. Both were show-stopping!
And here is the laugh - the Dame and Kate doing the crossword together in the dressing room! All the Dame's costumes were very heavy and hot, so Dickie took the opportunity to strip down to his 'undies' in between scenes. (Ian was just waiting for the Crusaders' Arabian market scene!)

And the warning? Jane (make-up artist) and I took the opportunity for a little quilty talk while the show was running. She was concerned about her ever increasing scrap bag, and I suggested the Bonnie Hunter scrap-users system. She was so impressed, that in the time between the matinee and evening performances, she started to cut her scraps, and cut the end of her left index finger off! It was bleeding so profusely that she ended up in A&E! Luckily, they dressed it for her, and she was back at her post for the evening performance. What a trouper! It just goes to show, rotary cutters are very sharp!


loulee said...

Must have been something in the air! The tip of my left index finger got in the way of a big knife on Friday!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I took the top off my middle finger a few days ago with a potato peeler...and dropped the pointy end of my scissor on my foot this morning! I'm with Loulee there is something in the air!

Hope Jane recovers soon...!