Friday, 6 January 2012

A start

I have decided how to use my basket blocks in an arrangement which won't have me falling asleep with boredom while I sew! Some while ago I bought a book which had some great ideas for using spacers with blocks to help them 'knit up big'. I thought it might be useful for Linus quilts, and put it on my shelf.
It's called 'Circle of Nine' by Janet Houts and Jean Ann Wright. They give instructions for 24 quilts, which all have the same idea, of nine feature blocks arranged in a circle and the spaces filled in by rectangles of fabric, flying geese, four-patches or whatever compliments the blocks. This seemed to me to be ideal for my purpose. The only snag was that I have twelve blocks, not nine, but I decided to use three either on the back or for another purpose, so that problem was easily solved!

I think the baskets are busy enough not to warrant fancy spacers, so I chose this arrangement, with rectangles of fabric between the blocks.

And here is the fabric I have bought today. It's busy enough to hold its own with the baskets, but not in a position to overwhelm them. Now to the cutting!